Punctuality performance on the German network weighs on CT performance 26/11/18

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Punctuality performance on the German network weighs on Combined Transport performance

Railway experts speaking at the 90th anniversary of SGKV (the Study Association for Combined Transport in Germany) hosted by the Swiss Embassy in Berlin, pointed to the lacks in punctuality on the German network as one of the greatest obstacles to the development of Combined Transport (CT) in Europe.

Peter Flüglisthaler, the Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT) expressed his concerns that punctuality issues in Germany undermine the performance of infrastructure investments made by Switzerland.

Mikhail Stahlhut, CEO of Hupac Intermodal pointed out that around 100 train driver-years are lost due to delays over the  30,000 train journeys of Hupac in a year.  Locomotive drivers are in any case in short supply stated Hupac’s CEO, adding that because there is a lack of young talent, there is no way around automation.   Additionally, longer trains must be considered such as the possibility of connecting two 750m long trains on certain sections.