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Kick-off year : 2008 Title : Vision and Action Plans for European Freight Transport until 2050 Programme : 7th Framework Status : Completed Link :

Sustainable freight transport is one of the core goals of the Common European Transport Policy. The EC is faced with a lot of different stakeholder groups and different proposals what should be done to achieve sustainable freight transport. It is difficult to establish action plans relevant stakeholders are committed to.

The objective of FREIGHTVISION is to develop a long-term vision (until 2050) accompanied by robust and adaptive action plans both for transport and technology policy for sustainable inter-urban freight transport, which are supported as much as possible by the relevant stakeholders. The project partners want to reach at least a common understanding of this vision, the action plans and their impact. The common understanding will be achieved by establishing a FORESIGHT process, in particular by establishing ‘FREIGHTVISION Fora’ in order to get a feedback and validation by stakeholders on all project stages to ensure a realistic approach both in the vision and the action plan.

The consortium, which consists of 13 partners, will be coordinated by AustriaTech during 18 months.

The 1st Forum on Policy, Technologies & Mega Trends will be organised on the 16th and 17th March 2009 in Brussels.

The final conference will be held on the 24th February 2010 in Brussels.

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