Shift 2030 : Birthday party 09/12/20

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And on Wednesday, Dec 9th at 4pm, we would like to celebrate with you.

On Wednesday, the EU commission intends to publish its sustainable and smart mobility strategy for 2030 - which will address a clear push for rail freight and green logistics.

There could not be a better occasion to announce the official start of our initiative: shift2030. So, there we are!

We want to make actual change happen. In order to achieve the desired modal shift, we are connecting market and decision makers and work on concrete actions that will vitalize rail freight.

We are going to demonstrate existing and new solutions as well as technologies for rail freight and intermodal in real live. We also point out current hurdles and restrictions that need to be overcome in order to shift more freight from road to rail.In doing so we involve relevant stakeholders along the transport chain to ensure that tested actions really meet the demand.

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On December 9th, we will celebrate our birthday and talk about our plans and the things we have already done. We would like you to join - completely safe & sound - digitally. Just tune in and join the conversation on December 9th at 4pm: