Abschluss eines erfolgreichen Geschäftsjahres und Wahl eines neuen Verwaltungsrats bei der UIRR 06/06/12

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Road-rail Combined Transport closed a fruitful, yet difficult year in 2011. The 6% growth both in tonne-kilometres and in number of consignments should signal a successful year for any sector of the economy, however the slowdown experienced in the second half of 2011 depicts the gathering of darker clouds on CT’s horizon. Overall, the performance of 2011 means that European Combined Transport has basically reconquered last year the peak it reached prior to the economic crisis in 2008.

Besides the weakening demand, CT Operators were troubled over the course of 2011 by uneven traction quality and deteriorating rail service performance exacerbated by maintenance-related infrastructure capacity shortages.

The Annual General Assembly of UIRR elected a new Board of Directors with a three-year mandate consisting of: Robert BREUHAHN (Kombiverkehr), , Marco GOSSO (Cemat), Peter HOWALD (Hupac), Philippe LE PETIT (Naviland Cargo), Jean-Luc MÉLARD (IFB), and Rok SVETEK (Adriakombi).



Simultaneously, the Members of UIRR expressed their gratitude to retiring Chairman, Mr Rudy COLLE, who has spent 21 years at the helm of UIRR for his invaluable contribution to aiding the development of their nearly half-century-old system of transport. Mr Colle said: “I have hardly noticed the two decades that I spent promoting road-rail Combined Transport towards the European legislator in Brussels and Strasburg. It pleases me to reflect on the breathtaking development of this economically and ecologically sustainable system for freight transport.”

Pursuant to the General Assembly, the Board of Directors convened and elected as its – and UIRR’s – new Chairman, Mr Robert BREUHAHN. Mr Breuhahn commented on the occasion of his election: “After three years as Vice Chairman of UIRR it will be a much appreciated responsibility to lead the organisation. UIRR will continue as the voice of road-rail Combined Transport in Europe, representing with relentless vigour the positions Robert Breuhahn and contribution-potential to society offered by our unique system of freight transport.”

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