Port of Trieste in strong growth for Ro-Ro, trains and containers 27/04/22

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Source: Port of Trieste, first quarter in strong growth for Ro-Ro (+12.7%), trains (+13.7%) and container (+2.9%) - Adriaports


Port of Trieste, first quarter in strong growth for Ro-Ro (+12.7%), trains (+13.7%) and containers (+2.9%)

Port of Trieste, first quarter in strong growth for Ro-Ro (+12.7%), trains (+13.7%) and containers (+2.9%)

The Port of Trieste

TRIESTE – The ports of Trieste and Monfalcone open the year with an almost record quarter in all sectors. Trieste marks a +19.5% in total tons.
The more than 14 million tons of goods handled from January to March of 2022 are affected by the strong increase in liquid bulk (+27.72%) with 9,386,581 tons handled. Miscellaneous goods amounted to 4,542,690 tons (+4.53%), while solid bulk with 210,158 recorded a substantial recovery (+62.29%).
A first record figure is provided by the Ro-Ro sector (+12.7%), with 80,654 units transited: the highest value ever on a quarterly basis. The container sector also stands out with 201,134 TEU (+2.93%), also in this case the best quarter ever for TEU handled. The data highlights both the tightness of traffic at Pier VII managed by TMT and the growth trend of containers on board Ro-Ro ships to / from Turkey with 30,374 TEU (+20.90%).
Excellent result of rail handling (+13.79%) and 2,500 trains handled. The performance (a better result in the first part of the year was recorded only in 2019 when 2,665 trains were moved) is mainly attributable to the growth trend recorded at Pier VI, as well as the Siderurgica Triestina terminal and the Logistics Platform managed by HHLA.
As for the port of Monfalcone, the total volumes of the first three months of 2022 reach 820,407 tons of goods (+9.08%). Double-digit jump for solid bulk (+24.78%) with 649,052 tons. Specifically, the subcategory "metallurgical products" recorded a positive variation of +27.82% (613,782 tons): the latter type of product represented 74.81% of the total. To highlight the arrivals of coal, with 9,834 tons destined for the local thermoelectric plant and with prospects of a strong recovery in traffic; there was also an increase of +93.13% in the "cereals" subcategory with 5,485 tons.
Painful notes, on the other hand, for the sharp decline in various goods (-26.14%), mainly due to cellulose (-35.21%), but also in vehicles (-34.96%), confirming the now critical trend of the car market with a downward curve that began in 2020. As recorded for the Trieste airport, also for Portorož the impulse given to rail traffic shows a good trend (+22.86%) with 344 trains.
Satisfied by the data, the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea (which manages both ports): excellent news for the economic network linked to the two ports and for their development in the scheme of maritime transport and logistics on an international scale.