Study presentation 11.01.2024 - online


CER, ERFA, UIC, UIP and UIRR presented the Study on the Impacts of the Proposed Amendments to the Weights and Dimensions Directive
on Combined Transport and Rail Freight Transport

When : 11.01.2024 – 14:00 – 15:30 – Online

Watch the recording of the webinar here

Download the full study here:

The proposals tabled by the European Commission as part of the Greening Freight Transport Package include the revision of the Directive on the Weights and Dimensions of road vehicles. The stated aims of the amendment are to promote zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), to facilitate the use of heavier and longer vehicles in cross-border (the so-called EMS – European Modular System), and to support intermodal transport operations.

The five associations CER – ERFA – UIC – UIP – UIRR have commissioned the German consulting company d-fine GmbH to analyse the impacts of the proposed measures on combined transport, on conventional rail freight, on road transport infrastructure and the subsequent risk of reverse modal shift from rail to road.



* The event will be moderated by Jens Engelmann (Railiable) *

-         14:00 – 14:05    Welcome & Introduction to the event

Ralf-Charley SCHULTZE (UIRR)

-         14:05 – 14:30     Presentation of the main results of the study

Dr. Lisa LÖBLING (d-fine GmbH)

-         14:30 – 15:10     Statements and panel discussion
    • CER: Alberto MAZZOLA – Executive Director
    • ERFA: Conor FEIGHAN – Secretary General
    • UIC: François DAVENNE – Director General
    • UIP: Gilles PETERHANS – Secretary General
    • UIRR: Ralf-Charley SCHULTZE - President

-         15:10 – 15:25     Q&A session

-         15:25 – 15:30     Conclusions