Co-Modality: a key to sustain green logistics - Valencia 06/03/08

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The European Council’s conclusions of 9 March 2007 on a European Energy Strategy for Transport placed great emphasis on new technology and efficiency gains while proposing strategic priorities for:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of all transport modes
  • Designing instruments to promote energy and climate change conscious transport user behaviour
  • Promoting integrated transport systems and planning to minimise the use of energy for transport.

The conference in Valencia (March 6-7) will provide ideas and solutions from policymakers, researchers and industry regarding the best way to address the challenges created by the 'sustainable transport' concept. It will act as a platform for discussions on how to find the best possible solutions for the European freight transport sector. This conference will act as useful tool in disseminating details of best practices and ensuring synergy among the different policy and research institutions and the market practices.

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