BE LOGIC - Workshop on quality standards (Paris) 29/10/10

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The partners of the BE LOGIC project organised on the 29th October in Paris a workshop on the need for a new or updated quality standards for the supply chain.

Project abstract

Efficient use of transport modes and resources requires to understand the options and to be able to make the right logistics choices. Benchmarking is an instrument which can help to answer this question.

BELOGIC project vision
The major improvement potential in logistics performance is among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs’), including shippers with relatively small transport volumes. Therefore, the focus in BELOGIC lies on applying the logistics benchmark methodology on SMEs.

Key objectives of BELOGIC

  • Improve the efficiency within and across different modes of transport
  • Support the development of a quality logistics system

Derived objectives and research questions

  • To develop a methodology to assess transport logistics performance in quantitative terms at different levels in Europe and globally
  • To apply the benchmark methodology to assess logistics and intermodal policies of Member States and other countries
  • To assess transport logistics choices and performance from shippers/LSP
  • To assess transport logistics performance from transhipment points
  • To examine existing quality standards (e.g. ISO, CEN) for transport logistics
  • To consider the need for new quality standards for transport logistics

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