Rail sector highlights the effects of the introduction of mega-trucks 20/07/07

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The debate over the possible admission on the European road network of Mega-Trucks
exceeding the length and weight standards currently in force is at its height.

More specifically the central issue is whether longer and heavier road vehicles (be they
labelled “Monster- Trucks”, “Mega-Trucks”, “Gigaliners“, or again “Ecocombis” by their
promoters) measuring 25.25m in length and weighing up to 60 tonnes should be allowed
to operate on European road infrastructure.

In the light of the already predictable consequences (return of traffic from rail to road) and those which still have to be evaluated (road congestion, harmful emissions, security, costs of road infrastructure development), the associations UIC, CER, EIM, UIRR, UNIFE and ERFA published a press release and a brochure explaining why the argument of the mega-truck lobby is duping politicians.

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