Issuance of the ILU-Code begins today 01/07/11

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UIRR was named Administrator of the ILU-Code in the EN13044-1 standard adopted by CEN in October 2010.  The standard defined a uniform owner identification and marking regime for intermodal loading units (ILUs) used exclusively in intra-European transport.  The deadline for the Administrator to begin issuing the new ILU-Code was set for 1 July 2011.

Director General of UIRR, Martin Burkhardt said: “During the eight months that passed since the adoption of EN13044, UIRR has completed its preparations for the customer friendly and efficient issuance of the ILU-Code. UIRR, as Administrator, is ready to begin accepting applications for the ILU-Code starting today.”

The website – – offering access in three languages (DE, EN, FR) was established as the platform through which the ILU-Code applications as well as payment can be rapidly and comfortably handled.  Main features and general conditions of the ILU-Code can be found here.  Terminal managers, Authorities and any other interested parties will be capable to easily identify the owners of swap-bodies and semi-trailers using the ILU-Code Register also featured on this website.

Customer Service Officer, Barbara Bento, is prepared to answer inquiries and aid the owners of ILUs used within Europe to obtain their ILU-Codes.  Railway undertakings, Combined  Transport  operators and terminal managers will require all semi-trailers to have an ILU-Code in three years time (from 1 July 2014), while swap-bodies must be equipped with either an ILU-Code or a BIC-Code by that date.

UIRR initiated establishment of the ILU-Code over a decade ago, and has consistently pushed for a European standard on marking and owner-codification of swap-bodies and semi-trailers used in Europe since. Advantages of the ILU-Code include:

  • Uniform marking of every ILU: the BIC-Code for maritime containers and the ILU-Code for Europe;
  • Suitability of all swap-bodies and semi-trailers for use in Combined Transport;
  • Improved OCR -readability;
  • Electronic data capturing errors largely eliminated;
  • Quick verification of ownership through the online ILU-Code Register.

The brochure which introduces the ILU-Code and details its advantages can be downloaded in four languages from the website.  Several additional language versions are presently being prepared, and further translations will be considered should demand arise.



Executive Chairman, Rudy Colle said: “The efficiency and security of Combined Transport operations should be considerably enhanced through the proliferation of the new ILU-Code.  The entire UIRR team worked hard to bring this new solution to the industry actors.”

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