UIRR wants priority for trains transporting energy resources 22/09/22

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Source: https://intermodalnews.pl/2022/09/22/uirr-chce-priorytetu-dla-pociagow-intermodalnych-transportujacych-surowce-energetyczne-w-ue/


UIRR wants to prioritize intermodal trains transporting energy resources in the EU

Author: Łukasz Kuś 2022/09/22


Following the introduction of a priority in Germany for the transport of coal and other energy resources on railways, intermodal and passenger trains may have extended travel times. Meanwhile, container trains also transport energy resources and in this case they should be treated as a priority - notes the International Union of Combined Road and Rail Transport (UIRR).

As a result of the blocking of gas supplies to Europe by Russia, after the introduction of EU sanctions on this country, the urgent task for the transport industry has become the supply of energy resources to recipients, including in particular coal-fired power plants and heating plants, which are launched after a long break. In August, the German government issued a decree which prioritizes transport of coal and other energy resources on the railway network. The PKP Group has announced a similar priority for coal transport.

As noted by UIRR, intermodal transport is also used to transport energy resources such as LNG or hydrogen. Such raw materials are transported in cryogenic tank containers. An example is the transport of hydrogen in the form of ammonia organized recently by the HHLA Group.

Priority across Europe

Container trains transporting LNG, LPG or hydrogen should also have the status of "energy trains" and use priority in the timetable. The use of intermodal transport to transport these raw materials is more effective than using car journeys and saves up to 70% of diesel fuel used by trucks. For this reason, UIRR calls for the introduction of a priority for trains, including intermodal trains transporting energy resources throughout the European Union.

- The European Commission should announce a priority for intermodal trains transporting energy resources on the entire European rail network, on principles similar to those introduced in Germany in August and the Polish government's decree, which will be passed soon - calls Ralf-Charley Schultze, president of UIRR.

The participants of the conference "INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2022" will be debating the challenges for the logistics industry brought about by the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis. The agenda of the event, organizational information and registration of participation are available at: https://intermodalinpoland.eu/janow-podlaski-malaszewicze-2022/