TX Logistics reveals the new NiKRASA 3.0 system 23/09/22

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Source:  https://www.railfreight.com/intermodal/2022/09/23/tx-logistics-reveals-the-new-nikrasa-3-0-system/


TX Logistics, a subsidiary of Mercitalia Group, unveiled the new version of NiKRASA at Innotrans Berlin. NiKRASA is a vertical loading system for combined rail transport. The new version comes with a set of innovative new features. For example, it allows for the loading of non-cranable semi-trailers, it does not require a terminal ramp, it is stackable, and it optimises the transportation of mega-trailers.


The NiKRASA 3.0 was conceived after “a close exchange with both train manufacturers and wagon developers,” as TX Logistics mentioned. The system was developed in collaboration with WECON, a German trailer manufacturer and will soon be launched on the European market.

NiKRASA 3.0 explained

“A key feature of NiKRASA 3.0 is the elimination of the terminal ramp, which in previous versions was required in addition to the lifting cradle for handling. Both components are now merged into one base platform,” the company added. The new version, therefore, makes it possible to handle the lifting cradle at any position in the terminal, with no previous preparation required.

Moreover, the new NiKRASA version implements holders that increase the stackable capacity by five times without the use of additional aids. This new feature, according to TX Logistics, will be beneficial for both terminals and combined transport in general. Capacity is also enhanced thanks to NiKRASA compatibility with mega-trailers. By reaching 100 cubic meters, mega-trailers offer 25 per cent more capacity space compared to normal trailers.

Trailers transported with the NiKRASA system meet all the standard requirements to travel on all European routes since it does not result in a height increase. “NiKRASA enables the handling of non-cranable semi-trailers without changing the existing standards in the terminals, on the wagon and on the rail,” TX Logistics said.

Photo: TX Logistcs.

The lightest solution available, compatible with even more wagons

The new NiKRASA system is also the lightest solution of this kind on the market. AS TX Logistics claimed, in fact, the tare weight of the system is less than three tonnes. According to the company, another innovation of the NiKRASA 3.0 is that “silos and trailers with a fixed body, mega-trailers as well as trailers without a structure and container chassis, even including containers, can be loaded.”

This new version is also compatible with pocket wagons manufactured by more companies. Pocket wagons are freight wagons specifically designed for the transport of truck semi-trailers, common in combined transport. “For example, the new generation can be loaded in the T3000, T5 (single pocket) and in the second-generation wagons of the Kolowag company,” the press release stated. Further compatibility tests are being run for the T4000 and for products manufactured by Greenbrier and Talleres Alegría.


Author: Marco Raimondi