UIRR CT Sentiment Index

What is the UIRR Combined Transport Sentiment Index?

The UIRR CT Sentiment Index is a compilation of the perception of senior decision-makers leading UIRR’s member companies about their expected business outlook for the 12 month period ahead.

The index offers the following seven grades to choose from: very negative – negative – slightly negative – neutral – slightly positive – positive – very positive

Since when has the Index been compiled, and what is the frequency of its issuance?

UIRR began surveying its members and issuing the UIRR CT Sentiment Index starting 1 January 2010.  Since then every quarter the survey is done and the result published in UIRR’s newsletter.

What was the business sentiment like in the latest Index result?

The Business outlook for the 12 months between 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023 – showed a SLIGHTLY POSITIVE sentiment:


UIRR Quarterly CT Performance Gauge  Q1.2022 / Q1.2021

+ 5,14 %