ESA Commercialisation Days: Transportation - 27.11.2023 27/11/23

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ESA Commercialisation Days: Transportation

The ESA Commercialisation Gateway invites you to the second instalment of the ESA Commercialisation Day Series.


This event focuses on the key actors within the Space and Transportation sectors and what exists at the intersection of these two industries.


Event Scope

The way we think about transportation is changing, with traditional models, both public and private, consistently being challenged. At the same time, the demand for efficient and low emission transport options is rising sharply. How, then, is industry responding to this shift?

As transportation systems become increasingly automated, and stakeholders are looking to monitor and decrease emissions, the demand for sustainable, reliable and precise satellite navigation services is also growing. Smart Traffic Management systems and Mobility as a Service platforms play a key role in identifying optimal transportation means, in both private and public domains.

To remain competitive, industry must capitalise on the opportunities that exist at the intersection of the space and transportation sectors, specifically on the potential impact this will have on automation, connectivity, positioning, the emergence of new technologies and business models.

Institutions, research organisations, industry and investors sit at the forefront of enabling new and exciting commercial solutions that support both space and transportation. Join us on Monday 27 November to learn more about the research, services and tooling emerging from dynamic collaborations between space and transportation actors.

This event is open to the public to attend.