UIRR Annual Report 2018-19 20/05/19

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Table of Contents

  • Key Figures of Combined Transport
  • The State of Affairs - from the President
  • Quality Performance of Rail Freight
- Structural and regulatory factors, primary and
secondary factors determining rail freight quality
- Means of addressing rail freight quality
- French railway strikes
- Achievements of 2018 and European projects
  • Fair, Mode-Neutral Regulatory Environment
- Combined Transport's challenge
- Rail freight charges, The European Mobility Packages
- Digitalization
  • Enhancement of Intermodal Transport
- Amendment of the Combined Transport Directive
- Standardisation to Boost Intermodality
- The ILU and Wagon Platform, Services to Support
- Daily Operations
  • The Year in Brief, Activities of the Association
  • Partners and Peers
  • Member Companies
- New Members
- Member Company Information
- Partners of UIRR
- MoU Peers
  • Performance - Statistics 2018
- 2018 Overview
- Evolution of Combined Transport Traffic
- Country Matrix
- Terminal Activities
  • RNE Rail Freight Corridor Map 2018




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