Press release: Historic from several aspects: the 2020 business year of CT 27/05/21

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Historic from several aspects: the 2020 business year of CT


The Ordinary General Assembly of UIRR closed the 2020 business year, which was not only historic by the coronavirus pandemic, but also thanks to the performance figures achieved by Combined Transport operators of UIRR: +1% growth in the number of consignments transported to over 9,2 million TEU, and a 6,77% growth of tonne-kilometres to nearly 90 billion over the course of the year.

The UIRR Report 2020-211, published on the occasion of the General Assembly, contains further details of the performance, as well as a comprehensive overview of the situation and development of Combined Transport in Europe.

The General Assembly made several important decisions:

  • The revised mission of the association has been approved: UIRR advances the development and actively promotes competitive zero-carbon emission Combined Transport for Europe
  • New members DUSS Terminals, Interporto Bologna, Lanfer Terminals and Marseille Fos were greeted.  In total UIRR has now 43 members from 18 European countries, as well as 17 Technology Partners and 18 national MoU Peers associations.  The Combined Transport performance of UIRR members exceeds 50% of the total European intermodal transport sector, just as intermodal rail delivers more than 50% of European rail freight tonne-kilometres.
  • A new Board of Directors has been elected with a three-year mandate (2021-24):


Magda Kopczynska, Director D of DG MOVE in charge of maritime and intermodal transport for the European Commission services, has joined the UIRR CEOs for a consultation on the outlook of the regulatory environment in view of the European Green Deal and the Strategy for Smart and Sustainable Mobility.


Numerous contributors – comprising of the Portuguese Council Presidency, the representative of the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament, Transport Commissioner Adina-Ioana Valean, as well as a series of other decisionmakers – helped make the current issue of the UIRR Report 2020-21 special to commemorate the founding of the association half a century ago.


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