METRANS chooses alternative route with transit through the port of Constanta 03/06/22

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METRANS chooses Middle Corridor with transit through the port of Constanta as an alternative to the route through Russia

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, more and more rail and intermodal operators, as well as their customers, choose the Middle Corridor as an alternative route for bringing goods from Asia to Europe.

METRANS, one of the largest intermodal transport operators in Europe, joins the Trans-Caspian route ( Middle Corridor) with transit through the Port of Constanta and further to Germany. The first test with a container train was labeled by the Czech railway operator as a success, being 100% loaded.

Containers from China arrived at their destination in Mannheim, Germany on time, according to Metrans Standards, despite the longer transit time compared to the northern route. The service was inaugurated in the first half of May, with METRANS launching a new service from China to Europe throgh the Middle Corridor. The containers arrive from China on the east coast of the Black Sea by feeder ships, then to the port of Constanta from where they are taken over to the hinterland.

In view of the conflict in Ukraine, the usual rail routes on the New Silk Road have been disrupted. The Northern Corridor transited Małaszewice and Russia, or via Ukraine, with trains entering Slovakia in the area of Čierna nad Tisou where the Dobrá intermodal terminal is located. "The trend of increasing transport on this route has been hampered by the war and although freight flows have not completely stopped, METRANS's Silk Road department has been working alongside its partners to find a new route and an alternative to the Northern Corridor," the company says.