APM Terminals switches its European facilities to renewable electricity 10/06/22

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Source: APM Terminals switches its European facilities to renewable electricity | IntermodalNews EU


APM Terminals switches its European facilities to renewable electricity

Being committed to making its activities zero-emission by 2040, APM Terminals, the worldwide operator of maritime container terminals, is gradually switching its facilities towards renewable sources of energy: wind, solar or hydropower. In Europe, the company has succeeded to transform the power supply at eight terminals.

Aerial view of APM Terminals Barcelona, source: APM Terminals

During the past several years, APM Terminals has been paying special attention to the decarbonisation of its facilities, particularly in Europe. The ‘Go Green’ policy includes a wide range of options: reducing energy consumption, switching from diesel-fuelled to battery-powered equipment, installing LED lighting and others.

The beginning of the current year saw the installation of solar panels at APM Terminals Barcelona that will generate more than 5 per cent of the energy consumed at the facility. Another example is APM Terminals Valencia, where the energy consumption was reduced by 70 per cent after installing LED lighting on the cranes. APM Terminals Aarhus in Denmark, for instance, consumes energy generated by wind turbines.

Charging points
Another direction of the ‘Go Green’ policy is the installation of charging points for electric cars. In 2019 APM Terminals Barcelona purchased four electric cars for internal needs. To refuel them, the charging points, powered by the sun, were put into operation at the terminal. This example was followed by APM Terminals Algeciras, which launched an electric vehicle charging point for its employees in late 2021. In such a way, the terminal operator promoted and facilitated cleaner mobility among its staff.

APM Terminals Barcelona installs charging points for electric cars, source: APM Terminals
Author: Mykola Zasiadko