The Małaszewicze terminal will be expanded. Expense? As much as PLN 4 billion 22/07/22

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The Małaszewicze terminal will be expanded. Expense?As much as PLN 4 billion

The Małaszewicze Terminal, colloquially known as the "gateway to the New Silk Road", may soon significantly expand its capabilities. All thanks to the tender announced by the Cargotor company, which is intended for its entire expansion. As a result, it will be possible to handle up to 55 pairs of trains per day, which, compared to the current 17 pairs, will significantly increase its logistic capabilities.

The Małaszewicze terminal will be modernized for PLN 4 billion

The Małaszewicze Terminal , as the "gate" to the New Silk Road , is one of the most important logistics points in Europe. And this despite the war in Ukraine and hostile relations between Warsaw and Minsk, which are getting worse every month.

Nevertheless, due to the ever-growing demand for transport from China and the difficult transit through Belarus , the dry railway port in Małaszewicze must be expanded. As a result, the capacity is to increase significantly and bring considerable profits to the country's budget. It is even said that the capacity will triple thanks to the investment. Unfortunately, the European Union will not help in this, because the entire cost - which is to amount to as much as PLN 4 billion - will be borne by Poland. For this reason, the Polish company Cargotor, controlled by PKP, has recently announced a tender in this matter under the name " Modernization of the railway infrastructure in the Małaszewicze Reloading Region on the EU border with Belarus" . The investment is of colossal importance as the volume of goods from China continues to increase - despite the tense situation on the eastern border.

All this means that the revenues from taxes alone to the Polish budget are to amount to as much as PLN 45 billion plus PLN 4 billion in customs duty over the next 11 years. The company Cargotor , which manages the dry port in Małaszewicze , will also earn . According to Rzeczpospolita - in 2020 alone, it brought PLN billion of revenues from customs and taxes to the country's budget.

What is the significance of the modernization of the railway infrastructure in the Małaszewicze Reloading Region?

Thanks to the modernization, the Małaszewicze terminal will be able to accept trains with a length of over 1 km running in a broad-gauge system. This means the possibility of driving on tracks with a "European gauge", ie 1520 mm. In addition, the dry port will also accept trains with a length of 750 meters in a standard-gauge system, i.e. with a rail gauge of 1435 mm. According to , the trains will be able to travel with a maximum speed of 40 km / h from 20 km / h, which is currently allowed.

Poland is to play a key role in transport from China . All because as much as 90% of imported goods from the Middle Kingdom ended up in the dry port of Małaszewicze. The winner of the tender will have to prove that he has achieved sales adventures in the field of railway construction at a minimum of PLN 1 billion. In addition, it must have a minimum creditworthiness of PLN 250 million. The contractor's tasks will also include modernization of the road infrastructure, including access roads and reconstruction of public and internal roads. The implementation is to take five years, but the document states that construction works may be delayed. Work is expected to start in the first half of 2023.

Author: Krzysztof Kobylarz