Unit45 adds fuel capacity for H.Essers 27/01/23

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Unit45 adds fuel capacity for H.Essers

27 Jan 2023by WCN Editorial


Unit45 has designed a 45ft pallet-wide diesel-electric reefer container for H.Essers with a larger fuel capacity to support rail transits of up to 28 days.

Rotterdam-based Unit45 works exclusively on the development, construction, financing and delivery of 45ft pallet-wide containers, including diesel electric reefer containers.

In collaboration with its client the Belgian logistics solutions’ provider H.Essers, Unit45 has developed a new diesel electric reefer with a 900 litre tank, 100 litres larger than its previous design.

The reefer container has reefer machinery from Thermo King that Unit45 says “has a low fuel consumption and is maintenance friendly. Its high cooling capacity and the possibility to easily control the temperature make it suitable for transporting pharmaceutical products, perishable goods and appliances also for long-distance journeys, for instance as part of the New Silk route.”

Depending on the cargo, the new reefer can remain self-supporting for between 18 and 28 days. Unit45 Managing Director Jan Koolen said this is extremely important where containers are being transported through countries that have problems with the quality of diesel fuel. “Refuelling in Kazakhstan, for example, can be a challenge, you simply risk the wrong diesel in the tank. Often the diesel is thinned with water. When this freezes the engine will stall,” he said.

While rail and multimodal services continue to grow, Unit45 says that “very few rail operators can provide a reliable power supply for all-electric reefers.” In addition to supporting longer rail journeys the new Unit45 reefer includes a telematics system to track and trace location, control and record temperature and monitor door status with real time alerts.

Koolen added that the container is an example of the flexibility and innovation that Unit45 brings to the market. “When a company has a new idea we are always prepared to join in. Our developers are ready to work with our clients,” he concluded.