DIOMIS Final Conference - Paris 17/04/08

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Within the framework of the DIOMIS project, the partners (UIC in partnership with the UIRR and supported by the consultants Kessel&Partner and KombiConsult) have investigated how more efficient management, operating and working procedures may help towards:

  • de-saturation of the rail network
  • de-saturation of intermodal terminals
  • modal shift in favour of rail.

At the final DIOMIS conference in Paris, on 17 April 2008, the partners will have the pleasure to present the 'agenda 2015 for Combined Transport in Europe', which should constitute a call for action for all the decision makers of the stakeholders (Railway Undertakings, Combined Transport Operators, Terminal Managers, Infrastructure Managers…), but also the national and supranational public authorities as well as port authorities. The ambition of AGENDA 2015 is to become an integral part of their respective development strategies.

The 'AGENDA 2015 FOR COMBINED TRANSPORT IN EUROPE' addresses three issues:

  • Growth potential of unaccompanied combined rail/road transport in Europe by 2015;
  • Prerequisites and fields of action for the growth of intermodal volume in a congested rail network and terminal infrastructure environment;
  • Stakeholder involvement.

Please find below the table of contents of the different available reports, which can be purchased either directly to the UIC or via the UIRR head office.

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