Press release: Europe needs more Combined Transport 30/11/23

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Europe needs more Combined Transport


On Tuesday 28 November, the fourth edition of the European Intermodal Summit, UIRR’s annual online conference, brought together CEOs from the sector, representatives of the European Commission and members of the European Parliament.

Filip-Alexandru Negreanu, Head of Cabinet of Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean, opened the conference with a strong message that Europe needs more Combined Transport. The legislative proposals contained in the Greening Freight Transport Package, including the amendment of the Combined Transport Directive, should deliver this result.

Two panels were organised to discuss the proposals from a Combined Transport perspective.


The sector cannot wait 5 years for the changes to take effect. Short-term measures, feasible under the current regulatory framework, should be taken to improve the quality performance of rail freight and to provide better access for freight trains to the railway infrastructure.

Dr Lisa Löbling of d-fine GmbH, the consultants responsible for drawing up the studies for the CT4EU Campaign ( presented the validation of the Zero-Carbon Door-to-door Combined Transport Roadmap study based on the extensive database compiled by the FERRMED Study. The CT4EU roadmap study findings, published a year ago, were confirmed by the FERRMED results. Accordingly, an annual investment of €16,5 billion into the rail between 2020 and 2050, as well as an annual €1,5 billion investment into intermodal assets, would be enough to create the physical framework needed to triple Combined Transport’s performance. The legislative reforms promised by the Greening Freight Transport Package would be needed to complement the preconditions identified in the study.


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“The European Combined Transport sector places high hopes on the realignment of the regulatory framework of inland freight transport to be completed by the proposals contained in the Greening Freight Transport Package. However, immediate stopgap measures will also need to be implemented as the legislative solutions are only expected to bear fruit by 2028.” – stated UIRR President Ralf-Charley Schultze.

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