FERMERCI and UIRR sign a Memorandum of Understanding 06/10/22

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Source: https://www.fermerci.it/wp-content/uploads/CS_FerMerci-MoU-UIRR.pdf


(Translated from original press release in Italian - see below as a pdf)



FerMerci and UIRR sign an MoU together to boost intermodal transport in Italy and Europe


PADUA - FerMerci lands in Europe: the FerMerci Association and UIRR, the International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport, sign an MoU for a collaboration between Italian and European operators of the sector to support intermodal transport, in line with EU policies aiming at building a single transport market for a connected, sustainable and safe mobility.

The MoU will be made official during the first event of the "FerMerci in Terminal" initiative, presented today at the GREEN LOGISTICS EXPO trade fair in Padua.

The aim of the collaboration is to realise a series of joint initiatives and mutual representation in Italy and Europe.

Representatives of the International Union of Road-Rail Transport Companies will be present at the next stages of the "Fermerci in Terminal" initiative, which will take place in national terminals in order to realise The Last Mile Charter.

"Today's MoU," says President Clemente Carta, "is another fundamental step for Fermerci, given its original vocation of representing the entire rail logistics cluster, which already travels beyond Italian borders and reaches Europe every day.



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