Press release: State-of-the art terminal for lease in Slovakia 06/03/17


The Slovak Ministry of Transport has approached UIRR, the industry association of European Combined Transport Operators and Terminal Managers, to support its advertisement for the newly built intermodal terminal – in the city of Žilina (North Slovakia) – for lease. UIRR gladly assists this effort to find a manager for this terminal, which is to be operated as an open access service facility.

More information concerning the terminal can be found in the accompanying information file (, while any questions will be answered by:

Ms. Ľubica Fraňová, Sales Department of Directorate General ŽSR
email: Tel: +421 904 878 404

UIRR expects that advertisements of this type will become more commonplace as the European Commission Implementing Act on Access to Service Facilities and Rail related Services is nearing completion. This Act will aid the imposition of the recast First Railway Package (Directive 2012/34) into Member State law from the perspective of service facilities, which include intermodal terminals.

- There is a requirement in the EU law that any facility available for lease must be publicly advertised on a European level.

A consortium of HaCon, RNE and UIRR is presently finalising plans to complete the Pan-European web portal ( to serve as the primary source of reliable online information concerning all types of service facilities relevant to rail freight operators (freight terminals, ports, maintenance, washing and storage facilities, marshalling yards and shunting facilities). From 2018, advertisements like this current one of the Žilina Terminal should be found on this portal.

UIRR, as the industry association working for road-rail Combined Transport, is committed to facilitate and support any initiative that will advance the efficiency and productivity of rail freight and terminals, important factors of intermodality. In order to deliver the modal-shift foreseen in the 2011 EU Transport White Paper as indispensible to limit the carbon footprint of the transport sector – 30% of road tonne-kilometres realised on distances of 300km or more by 2030, and 50% by 2050 – many more state-of-the-art terminals, such as the one in Žilina, will have to be built and placed into service.

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