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Kick-off year : 1999 Title : Developing a Quality Strategy for Combined Transport Programme : PACT Status : Completed

The result of this project is a thorough analysis of Combined Transport’s quality. The study was carried out in the framework of the PACT program by six UIRR operators under the project management of the UIRR office and with the support of the well-known consultant Booz-Allen & Hamilton in order to benefit from its expertise and to have the input of a neutral partner.

It was generally recognised that the severe deterioration of quality, which characterised the contribution of the railway undertakings to the CT-chain, was the main reason for the stagnation - or even retrogression - of the forwarded volumes. However, the analysis was not limited to the identification of these shortcomings, but examined systematically the different levels of activities that together form the Combined Transport chain. As a matter of fact, the operators agree to say that any improvement, as small as it may be, is important.

Their wish is that all levels, within their possibilities, read the recommendations carefully and consider their implementation as a continuous priority. The interests of the public and of all parties concerned require an urgent revitalisation of Combined Transport.

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