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Kick-off year : 2008 Title : South East European Intermodal Services Programme : Marco Polo II Status : Completed

The CT operators Adria Kombi (operational coordinator, SI), Cemat (IT), Kombiverkehr (DE) and Rocombi (RO) will be introducing five new CT trains from Slovenia (Ljubljana as nodal point) to countries of south-eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey).

The new ranges of services will be incorporated into the existing CT network set up at the time of the fruitful SINGER project (direct trains connecting Ljubljana to important economic regions such as Munich, Budapest and Verona).

The partners also intend to improve their information systems in order to let their customers know about the locations of their loading units during transport from one worksite to another by incorporating these trains into the CESAR system, which is the monitoring interface used every day by more than 500 CT customers.

They further aim to increase the overall level of security by taking stronger measures with regard to access to and exit from the worksites. The results of the INSECTT project will be used and tested.

The SEEIS project has set itself the target of transferring more than 504 million TKMs from the road to the railways in two years.

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