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European Combined Transport and UIRR Operators realised mixed results in 2014: a 1.1% decline in consignments coupled with a substantial, 5% increase of tonne-kilometre performance without new members and a 12% tkm growth together with new members.

Rolling Motorways (RoLa) closed the year with a 13% expansion, while longer distance unaccompanied CT - especially when including intercontinental relations (towards Asia) - also performed exceptionally well. The average distance covered by a CT consignment expanded in 2014 by 8% to 780 kilometres.

The year-closing UIRR General Assembly began on 21 May with a consultation between Mr Jocelyn Fajardo from the Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc's Cabinet and the CEOs of UIRR Member companies. Mr. Fajardo not only explained the fundamentals of the Commission's transport policy vision, but also listened carefully to the questions and messages stated by the participating leaders of European Combined Transport.

  • Most importantly, the consistent upholding and implementation of the user-pays and the polluter-pays principles were mentioned, as a critical component of levelling the regulatory playing field of the different modes of transport.
  • The Commission's confidence in the passage of the Fourth Railway Package in its entirety by the end of this year was greeted.
  • Protecting the originally planned CEF Transport funding for the TEN-T priority of bottleneck removal was agreed to be the most important aspect of transport infrastructure development policy from a rail freight perspective.
  • Finally, UIRR CEOs unanimously called upon the Commission to conclude the REFIT Procedure of the CT Directive 92/106 with a positive recommendation: to recast this legislation in order to become the backbone of a harmonised European regulation for intermodal transport.

UIRR inaugurated eight new members into the association:  CFL Intermodal, Far East Land Bridge (FELB) and Trans Eurasia Logistics (TEL) as CT Operator members, and Cargo Terminal Enns, Combinant, Europa Multipurpose Terminals (EMT), John G Russell Transport and Lugo Terminal as CT Terminal members.

The General Assembly also elected a new Board of Directors as the mandate of the previous one expired.  Accordingly, with a three-year mandate until 2018, UIRR will be led by Mr. Ralf-Charley Schultze as Chairman and Director General, Mr. Ben Beirnaert, Mr. Robert Breuhahn, Mr. René Dancet, Mr. Marco Gosso, Mr. Peter Howald, and Mr. Rok Svetek.

The  UIRR Report 2014-15, containing the statistics of members' performance, as well as an extensive description of the circumstances, challenges and outlook of European Combined Transport, has also been published. The Report can be found here: http://www.uirr.com/en/media-centre/annual-reports/annual-reports/mediacentre/716.html

Members discussed the 3-year work-plan of the association and its newly elected President.  The vision and mission objectives, adopted during the previous Extraordinary General Assembly of 5 December 2014 were reconfirmed: accordingly UIRR will strive to promote, enhance and support European CT for the sake of growing its market share on the grounds of technical merit and management excellence.

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