Ukrainian Railways CEO resigns to set up the company’s EU office 28/02/23

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A few days after announcing the intention to establish a European freight branch for Ukrainian Railways, the company’s CEO, Oleksandr Kamyshin, resigned. In his own words, he did so to focus on the enterprise of opening the ‘euro integration office of UZ’.

Kamyshin announced his resignation via his Twitter account. He mentioned that the resignation was already agreed upon with Oleksandr Kubrakov, the vice prime minister for the restoration of Ukraine. Additionally, Kamyshin explained that to open up the European office of UZ, he must relocate to a European country without disclosing which country this will be.

Probably one of the most featured executives in the railway industry for 2022, Kamyshin has kept Ukrainian Railways up and running with incredible resilience and punctuality since the first day of the Russian invasion on 24 February 2022. Both in freight and passenger services, UZ has kept the spirits high in one of the most challenging years of its history.

UZ’s European branch

Kamyshin disclosed UZ’s plans to establish a European freight branch a few days ago. According to him, this will be a challenging enterprise since the company must be set up from scratch by acquiring a license and registration and building a whole new team to run it.

The reason behind establishing a European branch is, according to Kamyshin, the difficulties Ukrainian carriers face when working with their European counterparts. “Unfortunately, it is difficult for our cargo carriers to use European freight transportation”, said Kamyshin to Interfax-Ukraine, without explaining in depth the difficulties faced by the Ukrainian side. At the same time, he underlined how important it is to speed up the processes for the new subsidiary and that Europe should help more.