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Kick-off year : 2005 Title : Slovenian Intermodal Gateway to European Rail Programme : Marco Polo Status : Completed

The SINGER project, which key-point is at the crossing of the corridor V and X as defined in the Trans-European Network (TEN), is a modal shift action to transfer traffic from road to rail. The SINGER consortium consists of well-known CT operators such as Adria Kombi (Slovenia), Cemat (Italy), Hungaria Intermodal (Hungary) and Kombiverkehr (Germany), the Slovenian Railways SZ and the International Union of combined Road-Rail transport companies (UIRR-Belgium).

The main goal pursued by the project is to create an international network of unaccompanied services with Slovenia as gateway country between West and Central/Eastern European countries.

The partners will set-up direct connections from the hub Ljubljana to important CT terminals in:

  • Germany (Munich),
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • Italy (Verona).

The extension of the CT network will allow offering to the logistic companies a palette of completely new unaccompanied CT services. For example, it will be possible to offer lines (raccordements) from South-Italy directly to South-Eastern countries (Croatia, Bosnia,Serbia and Romania).

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