All the tasks carried out by the UIRR are geared towards the development of road-rail CT in Europe at the same time as defence of the interests of its member companies, which in their respective markets take care of the organisation and marketing of this intelligent system of routing goods.

The tasks of the Liaison Office in Brussels can be presented broadly speaking as follows:

  • promotion of the activity in question
  • co-ordination of the “internal” work
  • a role of service centre on demand

The promotional activity is as follows:

  • steps towards the political authorities such as the diverse governing bodies of the European Union, UN/ECE and vis-à-vis the industrial targets concerned (UIC/CER, ERFA, IRU, FIATA/CLECAT, ERFCP, F&L, etc.)
  • drawing up and distribution of position papers on legislative or statutory developments directly or indirectly influencing commercial opportunities in CT
  • active participation in related conferences and seminars
  • production of promotional documents such as the Annual Report, the statistical brochure, descriptive leaflets, etc.

Internal co-ordination of the work covers all the activities aimed at harmonising or reconciliating the work procedures and the methods and systems of management between the different member companies so as to facilitate access to CT everywhere in Europe.

This objective is pursued essentially, in a targeted manner, by the commissions and working groups referred to above.

The notion of service centre takes on concrete form to a very large extent by way of the role of co-ordination that the Office fulfils in respect of research and innovation projects such as those carried out in very great number in the framework of EU support programmes (Marco Polo, framework programme on R&D).