Organisation Chart

After having been formed as a de facto association in 1970, in April 1991 the UIRR was transformed into a co-operative limited company under Belgian law.

Its structure is classically that of a company of commercial vocation, and its functioning is based around a General Meeting of Shareholders, a Board of Directors and an executive management team.

The Articles of Association which currently determine the functioning of the company are those adopted by the shareholders on the occasion of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held in Brussels on 28.8.03.

In this version, UIRR sc has essentially ensured that it makes itself accessible to any interested CT operator, whether or not a subsidiary of a railway undertaking.

The Articles of Association make provision for the admission of two categories of members and clarify their rights and obligations:

  • the active members who, in order to meet one of the principal conditions of admission, must for at least a year have been commercial entities whose main activity is the organisation and commercialisation of CT (CT operator);
  • the associate members, whose activities do not need to meet all the conditions imposed upon the active members.

In addition it has created the position of vice-chairman of the Board of directors, and updates the rules relating to voting rights and quorums.